MAKING THE DIFFERENCE: RESIDENTS AND OTHER SUPPORTERS OF TWIN LAKES OF BRANDON (12/3/2020) - The newly elected Twin Lakes Board of Directors wanted to take a moment and give thanks and gratitude to the many individuals who during the months of October and November have supported and continue to support our community. These individuals have given their time, resources and talents to make our community even better and are supporting this Board’s ability to continue to ensure our ability to provide services as well as the financial viability of our community even in the midst of resource restrictions. If you would like to sponsor or donate to TLOB please contact Tricia Pierce at… Read the full post here.
VOLUNTEERS ELVES ARRIVE AND BRING HOLIDAY CHEER TO TLOB! (12/2/2020) - You may have noticed three “elves” aka Elder Ely (left) Elder Kelly (middle) Elder Miller (right) that visited our community on a Saturday evening and again on a Thursday morning to put up the holiday banners saving the Community $100! They are scheduled to return again on December 12th and 19th to help us decorate Zeina Park for the Christmas Party in the Park Celebration so be sure to say hi if you see them! Read the full post here.
Information to consider if Twin Lakes of Brandon were to became a private gated community (11/30/2020) - Over the years, many residents have expressed interest in making Twin Lakes of Brandon a private, gated subdivision. There are a number of variables that need to be taken into consideration since the current roads, sidewalks, stormwater collection system (inlets, pipes, ponds etc.) as well as potable water are all currently maintained by Hillsborough County.  Recently, Mr. Marcello Tavernari a professional engineer with the Hillsborough County Transportation and Engineering Services, responded to a request by the HOA Board to provide cost estimates relative to converting Twin Lakes of Brandon to a private gated community.  These estimates were based on the… Read the full post here.
WHAT IS A RESERVE STUDY AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? (11/25/2020) - You may have heard that a Reserve Study was recently conducted by an independent firm for Twin Lakes of Brandon HOA.  A reserve study is a study that makes an assessment of the useful life of all the major capital items/systems in Twin Lakes of Brandon and how much they are likely to cost when they wear out.  Examples of these capital items/systems include: Park Playground Equipment/Stage/Picnic Tables/Grills/Trash ReceptaclesTennis/Basketball CourtsGate HousePool/Restrooms/Parking/SidewalksVinyl/Wood FencesLake Shorelines/Erosion ControlGazebosSignage (Entrance/ Neighborhoods) Based on a thorough assessment performed by this independent firm the table below was provided which shows the amount of money the Board is… Read the full post here.
Meet our Property Management Company and Manager (11/23/2020) - Greenacre Property Management is the company that Twin Lakes of Brandon HOA has selected to manage and provide multiple services for our community which include but are not limited to: Monitoring the Association’s Common AreasPreparation of Checks for payment of Association bills and obligationsPrepare financial statementsActs as repository for records, books, accounts and other records as required by law. Many documents can be accessed through their portal after requesting an account, which can be done by going to: In addition, Greenacre also assists the Association in the billing and collection of fees and assessments and offers the option to… Read the full post here.
DID YOU KNOW? (11/17/2020) - Did you know that Twin Lakes of Brandon’s lakes – Michaela and Stearns – are a vital part of our community’s stormwater drainage system?  As such, all of the stormwater captured by our drainage system flows into our lakes. In order to ensure the drainage systems continues to function effectively and efficiently for our community and that our lakes remain healthy and vibrant, we would like to ask all residents to please not place grass clippings, garage, pet waste or any other items into the drains.  These items are considered pollutants which can choke, suffocate or disable aquatic life like… Read the full post here.