Did you know that Twin Lakes of Brandon’s lakes – Michaela and Stearns – are a vital part of our community’s stormwater drainage system? 

As such, all of the stormwater captured by our drainage system flows into our lakes.

In order to ensure the drainage systems continues to function effectively and efficiently for our community and that our lakes remain healthy and vibrant, we would like to ask all residents to please not place grass clippings, garage, pet waste or any other items into the drains.  These items are considered pollutants which can choke, suffocate or disable aquatic life like our many ducks, birds, turtles, fish and of course or alligators.  Also, please use fertilizers appropriately and ask for products that contain nutrients in water insoluble or controlled release form.

Lastly, in addition to the 2 lakes, there are also areas of our community that are designated as “mitigation areas” and “conservation easements” which are shown in the map below.  As a community, we must ensure these areas are maintained according to specific standards which include not constructing any building or structure or undertake or performing any activities in these areas.

Your Board is working closely with our lake management company, Solitude as well as local agencies and organizations to ensure our beautiful natural resources continue to remain healthy, strong and vibrant and appreciate your support and cooperation.



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