Since 2015 Eddie and his dedicated team have been providing the landscape services detailed below to the Twin Lakes of Brandon Community.  The CLC team is usually in the Community on Thursdays so be sure to say hi if you see them!

Lawn Maintenance

  • All grass will be maintained at a 4 to 4 inch level.  Cut weekly April through September and biweekly October through March, with adjustments based on the seasonal weather, for a total of 40 visits per year.
  • The retention ponds banks will be mowed to the water’s edge. Retention areas, and any other areas too wet for proper mowing will be mowed when the ground is firm enough to allow normal mowing procedures.
  • During mowing, remove all trash and debris from turf area.
  • Mulch grass clippings whenever possible. Any additional natural debris, including excess clippings, will be recycled off the property in a proper ecological manner consistent with our Green Initiative.


  • Hard edging to be done weekly
  • Soft edging will be done bi-weekly
  • Commercial line trimmer will be used on all needed areas (around poles, trees, etc ..)
  • Turf abutting building foundations, posts, fences, air conditioning units, utilities components, or any other fixed objects will be trimmed the same height as the adjoining turf.


  • Plant beds will be weeded every visit, CLC will detail a section of the community each week and by the end of each month or 4-week cycle, all maintained areas will receive weeding. This includes weed control and maintaining healthy plants with a neat appearance.
  • Ground cover beds infested with weeds will be chemically treated if needed.
  • When it is necessary to use chemical control, pre- and post-emergent herbicides will be applied with care so as not to injure adjacent desirable plants and in compliance with all laws and manufactures instructions.
Pruning and Trimming Shrubs and Trees
  • Ornamental plants and shrubs will be trimmed as needed per CLC.
  • Oak trees canopies along Bloomingdale ROW will be trimmed to keep level bottom appearance on an as needed basis, up to fifteen (15) feet, at no charge. Trimming above fifteen feet will be an extra charge.
  • Oak trees around Lake Michaela will be limbed up (10) ft as needed.
  • Queen palms trimmed around Lake Michaela 1x per year.
Zeina Park Tree Trimming
  • Remove  debris  on  ground  in  Zeina  Park  up     to 7″ in diameter.
  • Inspect Zeina Park oak trees monthly and prune dead limbs up to 7″ diameter.
  • Zeina Park oak trees will be deadwood limb pruning up to 25′

Pest & Fertilization Management

  • All identified areas to be maintained with St. Augustine turf will be treated on a bi-monthly basis. A minimum of six (6) complete treatments will be applied per year, including fertilization, pest control,weed control and fungus control using granular and liquid applications.

Mulch 250 yards installed 1x per year in March

  • Pine bark mulch installed at entry island and the entry and exit monument signs to community.
  • Pine Bark mulch  installed around Lake Michaela
  • Pine Bark mulch installed at Lake Sterns Park
  • Pine Bark mulch installed at pool area
  • Pine Bark mulch installed at entry monument signs to each community

Annual flowers

  • Will be changed out 3 times per year at main entry and exit signs to TLOB
  • Annua ls  will be installed 3 times per year at entrances to each community/neighborhood.


  • Monthly irrigation inspection will be conducted to all areas within TLOB that are currently irrigated. CLC shall repair, replace and maintain as a result of normal wear to the irrigation system. Irrigation heads, valves, piping, PVC lines, mainlines, battery packs, lateral lines irrigation controls and backflow systems.
  •  I rrigation repair
  • Verify the setting and adjustment of timers and controllers to insure proper and adequate watering of all trees, shrubs, grass and other plant materials.
  • Operate and check all irrigation zones in the areas to be maintained to check and verify that the system is operating properly and that all sprinkler heads are operable and are properly aimed, adjusted, plumbed, at the proper operating height and that all valves are operating properly.  If any sprinkler heads are not properly aimed, adjusted, and/or plumbed, or if spray patterns are inadequate for proper coverage, they will be adjusted and aimed.

Berm on Mossy Timber Trail

  • Maintain the Berm behind the homes on Mossy Timber Trail and on Nelson Elementary School grounds which will

 include mowing and weed eating only.

  • Berm will be serviced same as Lawn Maintenance. 

Clean Up

  • Remove trash and other debris from the common areas during each visit.



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