Each section on this page contains a paint scheme that includes an approved main body color, and approved options for accent, trim, garage door, and entry door colors (as applicable). Then entire section is in the main body color. The color codes and color names are clickable, and will take you to the PPG Paints website for that specific color where you can learn more about it and/or obtain color swatches.

The digital representation of these colors on this page is provided using the actual color code RGB paint values. However, please note that depending on the type of display, lighting, and color calibration of your display, there may be a slight difference between the digital rendering and the actual in-person paint color. 

The body of the home includes the front, sides and back of your home. The trim includes the horizontal and vertical elements, such as door and window frames. The accent involves particular elements of your home, like the main entry door; accent colors highlight and draw attention to these elements.