We can all agree that maintaining our community resources and infrastructure is essential to ensuring the continued beauty and value of our community and our individual investment(s).

So we can all help by identifying when there is the need for repair of items such as light poles and/or the need to remove dead or dying trees or debris.

Below are some examples where we all as residents can provide further assistance in identifying and also request assistance.

It was noticed back in November that a light pole on Lake Michaela was leaning and since TECO is responsible for the maintenance and repair they were contacted at (813) 223-0800 as well as an online form was completed at https://www.tampaelectric.com/forms/residential/streetlightout/

While the light was removed in December, unfortunately the # on the pole was not in the system and after a number of calls TECO has now confirmed the correct pole # and will be out soon to complete the repair/replacement.

You may have noticed several dead/dying palm trees along Bloomingdale right before you enter Twin Lakes that have been marked with blue paint.

In December outreach was made to Hillsborough County Public Works at 813-635-5400, since these trees are in the county owned right of way, requesting removal.

A work order has been generated and removal by the County is imminent.

Many residents have noticed a significant amount of debris as you first enter our community.  The owner of Twin Lakes of Brandon’s Landscape Management Company stated this was the result of illegal dumping activities.  Outreach was made to Hillsborough County Public Works at 813-635-5400 and a work request has been logged for removal. 



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